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Jen Christie (Founder) offers freelance employee wellbeing consultancy acting as an extension of your People and Culture Team.  Typical consultancy projects include:

Content & communication

Many wellbeing programmes fail because employees aren’t engaged in them or even aware they exist.  Jen works with clients to develop and deliver consistent and engaging strategies, campaigns and communications which are essential to ensure a positive and lasting impact to your culture.

Insight & Employee Sentiment

Understanding how your people feel about their own wellbeing and your workplace is imperative before developing or optimising a wellbeing programme.  Jen develops bespoke surveys, analyses the data and creates reports along with recommendations to improve wellbeing and culture at your workplace.

Annual Wellbeing Programme

A well designed and bespoke wellbeing programme is essential to support your employees at work and in life. Jen develops and delivers strategic annual wellbeing programmes designed to address your employee’s needs.

Wellbeing Culture Transformation

Culture is a leading factor affecting people’s engagement and performance at work.  In this type of end to end project, Jen will work on insights, defining objectives & strategic priorities, identifying change agents, campaign and programme development, policy reviews, marketing and evaluation processes.

Office Design

Jen is a WELL Building Standard Accredited Professional, and knows the significant impact your work environment and office building design has on your employees.  With people reluctant to return to the office since the COVID outbreak, you must ensure your work space is safe and designed for wellbeing to promote employee confidence, great health and high performance. Jen project manages office renovations and advise on how to re-design office space through a wellbeing lens.


We connect your business with the best-in-class professionals in wellbeing to inspire, educate and empower employees to improve their mental health, wellbeing and performance. This service is the ideal solution to organise events such as lunch & learns, webinars, workshops, wellbeing weeks and L&D training programmes.  Our speakers cover the following areas of wellbeing:

Physical Health
Financial Wellbeing
Company Culture Training
Mental Health
Passion & Purpose
Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging
Social Connection
Career Fulfillment
Physical environment

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Consultancy is based on a set day rate. Coaching starts from £150 per session.  Experiences and Events are bespoke therefore quotes are generated upon request. Concierge prices start from as little as £80. Please get in touch to find out more.