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Mental Wellness Why happiness at work matters

Happiness at work matters. It matters as much in our work lives as it does in our personal lives, and it should matter to businesses too. One study by the Social Market Foundation found that happy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees and for sales people, the impact grows even further to 37%. They found the main route from happiness to productivity was increased effort from employees.

For people to feel truly happy at work they need to feel as though who they are and what they do is valued and that their skills and strengths are making a difference and contributing to the business, yet 1 in 5 people in the UK are reported to be in the wrong job roles. I received these flowers from a candidate who I placed in a role she really wanted. It was great to be reminded of the meaning of my work.

I have read various literature on this and the consensus, translated wonderfully by Annie McKee in her book ‘How to be happy at work’, is that we need three key ingredients to find happiness at work:

  • Purpose
  • Hope
  • Friendships

As humans we are wired to find meaning in everything we do. To become happy at work it is important to consciously remind ourselves of the meaning of our day to day work and to remember what we value in life and what our strengths are. When you do this you are more resilient, you perform better, and you enjoy work more. It doesn’t necessarily matter what we do at work, but it matters why we do it.

Hope is also hugely important in a work setting. When we have hope and choose to be optimistic, no matter how toxic a workplace may be, it gives us energy, we think more clearly, and we are solutions-focused. When the going gets tough, we are more resilient. It is important we find a personal vision within a company vision and ensure our responsibilities and opportunities will contribute towards our own vison also becoming a reality.

Finally, if we have strong and genuine relationships at work it is the best platform for great collaboration and success. Just like purpose and hope, feeling a sense of belonging and knowing people care about us is imperative for humans. We need to feel accepted for who we are and work in a team which makes us feel proud and inspires us to try our best.

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