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Rise Well

Employee Experience Rise Well @ Home

I was in two minds whether to develop this new product because I was acutely aware of many businesses making cuts, furloughing people and quite frankly trying to survive as well as the other businesses who are lucky enough to be trading as normal or those who are resilient enough to pivot their strategy and weather the storm but have had to make some sacrifices.  Either way, businesses have never needed to support their people now more than ever; those working full time from home, those who have taken salary cuts, those who have been furloughed and everything in between. Everyone has been looking to HR for all the answers and right now they are being stretched beyond a point which is sustainable compounded by the feeling of responsibility to support employee’s wellbeing. I have asked my clients how I can help and what they need is reputable, high-quality wellbeing advice all in one place with a simple offering which offers education, inspiration and support to get people through this experience.

So, after a lot of considered thought, I am delighted to present my new “Rise Well @ Home” programme.  I called my business Rise Well for a few reasons and that was a) because I have a vision for employees all over the world to leave work at the end of the day feeling more well, fulfilled, energised and happy because of their workplace and b) to cultivate the experience of  rising every morning and looking forward to the day ahead and feeling physically, mentally and spiritually well. I still believe this can be achieved through business and right now we just need to adapt and channel this into people’s home life instead.





About Rise Well @ Home

This is an integrated virtual wellbeing programme with daily touchpoints to support all aspects of employee’s health and wellbeing. Each week the programme contains:

– 5 wellbeing coaching calls

– Daily wellbeing content delivered straight to their inbox

– 2 x live webinars from wellbeing experts covering a range of health topics

– 1 live exercise class

– 1 guided meditation

– 1 interview or podcast with a member of your senior leadership team

– Unlimited access to me as your go-to wellbeing consultant for any advice or guidance during the working week


I believe this is a win-win programme for all and I have made it as affordable as possible given the current climate. It supports your employees and takes the burden off HR to deliver something from scratch every day. It supports small businesses in the wellness sector who have so much to offer right now. But finally I am proud to say it supports our NHS because 10% of all sales from Rise Well @ Home will be donated directly to the NHS.


The cost of the programme is £550 +VAT weekly or £2000 + VAT monthly and it operates as a rolling subscription which can start immediately and be terminated at any point. There is no limit on the size of organisation but please note live classes and webinars will be capped at 100 people.


Please email me at jen@rise-well.co.uk or call me on 07970 786101 for more information or to sign up your business today.