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Employee Experience How To Guarantee Engagement In Workplace Wellbeing

We have started to see the insights come in from across the world about the impact COVID has had and continues to have on our health and wellbeing.  According to a recent survey by Perkbox, emotional health has been hit the hardest with 58% of people feeling the negative ramifications of stress, burnout, depression and anxiety.  This has been closely followed by a real deterioration in social wellbeing; a lack of connection and inclusion within people’s home and work lives.

So it goes without saying, businesses need to double down on their wellbeing and cultural agendas now more than ever.  With many of my clients reporting a recent reduction in employee engagement of things such as webinars and virtual social gatherings with people feeling “all zoomed out” (I know the feeling!), it is important you address the approaches which are going to cut through and create change.  After all, employee engagement is a proven indicator of productivity.

One scientifically proven solution?  Recruit a team of internal wellbeing champions. A 2019 study by the Mayo Clinic found that the success of an integrated, well designed wellbeing programme is significantly improved in terms of engagement, satisfaction and perception of personal wellbeing, when it is advocated by a team of internal wellbeing champions.  Not only that but it significantly improves people’s perceptions of the organisation they work for.  I can 100% vouch for this and have witnessed time and again the difference in engagement of a wellbeing programme when it is being led by internal wellbeing champions.

In the same way that mental health first aiders have become more widely adopted in the workplace over the past 5 years so must the presence of an internal wellbeing champion team.  This is something I am extremely passionate about and believe businesses need to embrace.

In my next blog I will be sharing how to recruit for this role internally, what the role looks like and who makes the best volunteers for the job.