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Rise Well

Mental Wellness Mindful Morning Series- The Power of the Breath

This morning the clients of leading global HR recruitment firm Frazer Jones were invited to a ‘Breath Revolution’ experience as part of a ‘Mindful Morning’ Series I have developed for the business.

As guests arrived at 8am, they walked into an oasis of calm. Escaping the rush hour, clients enjoyed the scent of uplifting bergamot essential oil, a relaxing sound track scientifically developed to calm the nervous system and a room full of nature-inspired biophilia. They were offered cold-pressed juices and organic granola bites on arrival to ward off any early morning hunger pangs!

I opened the event with an introduction into the series which has been developed to offer client’s a toolkit to better manage both their own wellbeing and that of their organisation. The series will take an integrated whole-person approach to wellness and will continue to raise awareness of the importance of wellness at work.  This event was focused specifically on stress, the health epidemic of the 21st century.


The Breath Guy leads a breathing workshop for Frazer Jones’s HR clients


Nutritional chef Ruth Woods from Crucial Foods talked the group through the link between gut health and mental wellbeing and explained why she had deliberately prepared the breakfast for us in order to support cognitive health.

Finally, Richie Bostock AKA The Breath Guy gave some background around something we do automatically every day and from the second we were born yet we are completely unaware of… our breath. Richie explained how our breath is as unique as our fingerprints and by engaging in the correct way of breathing you can activate your parasympathetic nervous system (the one responsible for healing and repair) which you need to manage in times of stress. This ‘fight or flight’ style breathing was designed to save your life, not created to protect you from 100 ‘lethal’ unread emails in your inbox!  This followed a 15 minute breath workout with immersive music played to create a truly sensory experience.

Our guests left re-energised from the power of just their own breath… not the normal caffeine fix! This workout coupled with a plant-based breakfast and Rituals goody bags ensured they were on their way to a more productive and happier Thursday in the city.