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Rise Well

Addiction How Workplaces Can Do Their Part To Support Employees & Their Families During The UK’s Growing Addiction Crisis

This week it has been widely documented in the news about the rise in alcohol consumption since the start of lockdown.  The number of “high risk” drinkers has nearly doubled to 8.4 million since lockdown began as well as thousands more have sought help for addiction to opiates according to the Royal College of Psychiatrists.   This has been backed up with evidence that sales of alcohol have risen by 250% since lockdown began, suicides are up 1000% and mental health helplines are up 800%.

It is not just alcohol and drugs which have become a pandemic within a pandemic, it is all types of addiction; workaholism, money addiction (overspending/under earning), food consumption, over exercising, sex, and co-dependency.  The number of people suffering with addiction and mental health in the UK was a huge problem pre-COVID, therefore the recent pandemic has only served to fuel relapses in recovering addicts and give rise to new addictions in previously healthy individuals.

Not only does this pose a huge threat and burden to the sustainability of our NHS addiction services, it will have a real impact on employees in the workplace who are affected by this.   Workplaces need to speak about this still “taboo” subject, open up the conversation, educate people and know how to spot the signs.  This is a serious chronic disease and the stigma attached to it only exacerbates the problem.   Businesses can no longer be naïve or turn a blind eye to this issue, after all with the right support it will save businesses vast sums of money in healthcare bills and absence as well as improving their employee’s performance at work.

I am delighted to be partnering with the amazing Jayne Middlemiss who has been in addiction recovery herself for twelve years and studied the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the illness. Jayne spent five years in India deepening her own spiritual path and meditation practise under the guidance of a spiritual master- quite a change from years in front of the TV camera in the high-pressured environment of TV presenting.  Jayne brings an understanding of all aspects of addiction and shines a light on process addictions, since she has done the work on herself and helped others overcome their own addictions.  Having worked within this area for the last 12 years, Jayne has an understanding of all facets of addiction; from drugs and alcohol to process addiction such as workaholism, sex and love addiction to the flip side of the illness- co-dependency.

In this educational and inspiring workshop, Jayne shares her own story and experiences facing different facets of addiction as well as providing a toolkit to support yourself, loved ones or a colleague when battling this life threatening, progressive illness.

The 90-minute virtual workshop includes:

  • Jayne’s personal story
  • What really is addiction, dispelling the myths and types of addiction
  • Alcohol- the disease of the UK
  • How it affects family
  • Signs of addiction
  • How to spot the voice of the addict
  • Roots of addiction
  • How to get help
  • How active addiction looks in the workplace
  • How to help if you are an employer

Please reach out to Jen Christie at jen@rise-well.co.uk or 07970 786101 for more information.