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Employee Experience How Nike Just Get On & Do It

It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle. Learn here about how Nike have adopted a high performing culture to get the best out of their people.

As a big head office and workplace culture enthusiast, I was recently delighted to visit Nike’s European Head Quarters in Hilversum, just outside Amsterdam and learn about how they look after their people. What I love unearthing, is the little touches or humanistic approaches that businesses take to reflect their culture and offer their employees a brilliant experience at work.

First and foremost, it has to be said the most powerful thing which comes across is how diverse and inclusive the business is and how much freedom you are given. People at Nike want to, and are given, accountability for their work. What you do, the way you do it and how often you do it is down to you. There is a big sense of trust.


Nike’s campus in Hilversum, The Netherlands


The Dutch Nike HQ have re-imagined work for the better.  Below are some other approaches they have developed to support this way of life.

  • Unlimited holidays– In the past year Nike have introduced flexible time off in their office. What originated from the US, at Silicon Valley tech firms in particular, is now becoming more widely adopted across the world, allowing people time to rest and spend time with their families so they are top of their game when they are at work. The key I believe here is that your employer TRUSTS you with this privilege and allows you FREEDOM to manage your time.
  • Free Address– Nike are transitioning away from fixed desks as they go through a major refurb of their campus meaning people can choose where they work depending on the type of work they need to get done, be it group work in a sociable space or quiet isolation to do concentrated work.
  • Global opportunities– As an American global business, there are multiple Geo HQs to work at such as EMEA, APLA, China, North America and then of course their global HQ in Portland, USA and in-country markets. Feeling motivated, knowing there is progression opportunities elicits high performance.
  • Sport is encouraged– Hardly surprising for a sportwear brand but what Nike do brilliantly is hosting state of the art facilities on site. They are offered for free and you are encouraged to block time out in your diary to make it a daily habit. Sports facilities include a gym, studio space, classes, clubs, cross training hall, sports hall and wait for it, an outdoor 400m athletics track complete with shot put, javelin and long jump arenas. Classes and clubs are all on-site too.
  • Zero plastic– Nike are also playing their part to protect mother earth by getting rid of all plastic in their dining space.
  • Refillable water stations– There are no longer plastic water bottles available to buy on-site
  • On-site restaurant- Being outside of Amsterdam, food options are limited. There is a large restaurant on site offering a variety of healthy options as well as a large dining space to eat and socialise both indoors and out on the terrace.
  • No set hours– There are no official start or finish times here. People are given the autonomy to base their work around their lives and at a time when an individual feels they do their best work.
  • No dress code– These guys come as they are, wearing whatever they want reflecting who they really are… but if someone wears an Adidas t-shirt, there may be trouble…
  • No meeting Fridays– Fridays have now been reserved for a day of finishing up your work for the week so you get home on time to enjoy the weekend, therefore no meetings are scheduled for Fridays. Dream.


On-site restaurant and space for socialising acts as a brilliant facilitator for wellbeing


This dutch HQ is based in a town outside of Amsterdam. In order to attract and retain the best talent from around the world, the work culture and environment has to be world-class and this is why Nike just get on and do just that!


Jen Christie

Workplace Wellbeing Consultant

High Performance & Wellbeing Coach at The Conscious Coach

BSc Sport & Exercise Science

WELL Accredited Professional

Mental Health First Aider