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Employee engagement Five tips on how to recruit & manage a team of wellbeing champions in your organisation


As discussed in last week’s blog, we now have evidence from studies supporting what we have observed time and again, that internal wellbeing champions/advocates/heroes driving the wellbeing agenda will result in a much higher rate of engagement, productivity and ultimately reduce stress and burnout.

There are many things to consider when finding those special wellbeing champions in your company but here are 5 of the important things you should consider when building your team.


  1. Create a “job description”

Define and advertise for this new role and give an idea on the time commitment expected each month.  It is important line managers are bought into this to be understanding on the time required out of the job to fulfil the wellbeing champion role.

  1. Find What Lights Them Up

Speak to your wellbeing champion and find out what part of health and wellbeing lights them up-  perhaps they want to lead on fitness related initiatives or maybe they want to integrate some diversity & inclusion activism they do outside of work and bring it into the workplace.  If people are driving what they are passionate about it won’t feel like a chore to them, it will be a privilege.

  1. Person Profile

You are looking to find people with excellent emotional intelligence and warmth.  Those who are great listeners, approachable, open, vulnerable and evangelists for positive change are the little gems you want to find and nurture.  Offering wellbeing champion training to help develop their skills and give them support and confidence in their role should be mandatory*.

  1. Recruit At All Levels Of Seniority

There is no place for hierarchy in wellbeing… we are all human with a state of physical and mental health whether we are the CEO or a trainee graduate, therefore your wellbeing champions should reflect this.  The ideal wellbeing champion team will consist of people from all levels within the company.

  1. Reward

Wellbeing champions have day jobs and are doing this work voluntarily and unpaid therefore it is important to show gratitude for their commitment.  Colson Moors gives their wellbeing champions an extra day of annual leave per year to show their appreciation and other companies like to send small gifts of recognition but whatever you do ensure their hard work is acknowledged and celebrated.


*To find out more about The Conscious Wellbeing Champion Training to support your team, click here.